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   Our company is a professional gift purchasing custom distribution companies, the procurement program is designed for enterprises, social organizations both government agencies solve the gifts presented. Gift supply manufacturers to cooperate with us more than 200, the effective development of our supply chain in the gift industry high-speed, the product of a lot of gift manufacturing companies in our greatly improved sales across the country more and more gifts production unit and supply unit sales cooperation requests put to us, we are here to express our heartfelt thanks! in order to ensure the quality of purchasing gifts, and to better serve our customers, we will choose the scale of production, strength, reputation and product design, quality, price production suppliers eligible.

One must be a legitimate industrial and commercial registration, you can open the merchandise invoice.

2, must be the direct production of the factory or brand distributor unit.

3, the products are fashionable, in line with the demand of gift market, can be processed logo (LOGO) at the same time must have strong development and design capabilities, we customized for our customers tailor-made gift or a common market demand for the development of new gifts.

4, must ensure that the materials used and quality of the finished product, is strictly prohibited on the body of toxic materials or recycled materials processing. The quality of mass-produced products shall not be less than the sample quality.

5 to provide a unified product prices (must be below the end-customer price, a price space). Factory price advantages priority; priority in time of emergencies are given priority in processing factory.

6, to provide good quality sample set (with packaging) or the product detail information and high-definition in-kind photo.

7, must be a commitment to provide after-sales service and failed product return policy.


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