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What are the classifications and uses of raw materials for silicone products?

Issuing time:2020-03-22 15:04

The raw materials used by manufacturers of silicone products are solid solid rubber compounds. In addition to the silicone raw materials, in addition to siloxane and silicon dioxide, several reinforcing agents such as silicone resin need to be added. Among them, white carbon occupies most of the reinforcing agents, so The main component of any silica gel product you use is silica, which is silica, which can be divided into two different chemical structures: meteorological method and formation method!


Class A silicone raw material uses

There are roughly four types of solid rubber from the following points:

   A: ordinary silicone material, hardness 70 degrees, 50 degrees, 30 degrees

   B: High-strength adhesive, good tearability, usually 50 degrees and 30 degrees, relatively high unit price

   C: High transparent glue 50 degrees, high unit price

   D: High temperature resistant adhesive is generally 60 degrees and 50 degrees (resistant to 350 degrees of high temperature) high unit price

Special silicone products

These four types of silicone raw materials are used:

   A type of silicone is generally used: ordinary silicone keys, silicone feet, silicone seals, mechanical control silicone panels, controller buttons;

   Type B silicone is generally used for: special requirements for keys (such as: key / press force life of more than 1 million times, high tear resistance of silicone seals, how much force, military silicone products, large mechanical control panels, automotive Central control buttons, etc.)

   Type C silicone is generally used for: high-end instrument silicone protective cover, silicone driving code cover, special transparent silicone keys, etc.

   Type D silicone is generally used for: high temperature oil seal silicone seal ring, high temperature resistant silicone seal cover, high temperature environment silicone foot pad, etc.

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