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What is the classification of silicone products

Issuing time:2020-03-22 15:05

Silicone products are still relatively extensive products in China's current market. There are different demands in different fields, and the demand is relatively large, and the supply is relatively lacking. In fact, many people still do n’t know enough about the classification of silicone products. Although they know what silicone products are, they do n’t know what the silicone products are made of, and what their role is. Which ones are mainly included, these are still questionable.

What is the classification of silicone products

There are many types of silicone products, which are common in our daily life: silicone mobile phone cases, silicone tableware, silicone toys, silicone tea sets, silicone speakers, silicone buttons, silicone molds, silicone gifts, silicone holders, silicone covers, silicone toys, silicone mats, silicone mats Pieces of customized silicone daily necessities silicone baby products silicone kitchenware silicone phone sets. These are all silicone products, so the silicone products we are talking about are products made of silicone, and there are some names such as: silicone rubber products, silicone rubber products, rubber products, rubber products, etc.

Silicone is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high-strength, anti-extrusion material with high and low temperature resistance and good tear resistance. With excellent electrical insulation and sealing performance, it can be used for a long time at -30 ~ 200 temperature. It can be processed into different types of products according to different requirements and use environments, such as: medical silicone products, food-grade silicone products, platinum silicone products and so on.

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