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What are the methods to solve the bad appearance of silicone products?

Issuing time:2020-03-22 14:58

For the manufacturing industry, any product sold to consumers can be assured if it can be guaranteed. Therefore, the key to product quality control of source production control in any industry is strict control. The silicone industry is no exception. For other industries, the quality control of silicone products is not a requirement of multiple precision fine particles, but depends on whether the appearance and functionality of the product have reached the expected level. Which aspects should be controlled for the quality of silicone products?

In the normal solid-state liquid process and other processes, different products have different requirements. For example, the silicone seal ring and the silicone mobile phone case belong to two different functions, one needs to control the size and tensile strength, and the other needs to control the soft hardness. And appearance, so it is key to identify different testing standards for different quality problems.

Poor appearance is the main problem of most silicone products. At present, many Dongguan silicone products manufacturers have certain defects in poor appearance and surface control of high-end products. Black dots do contain a lot of impurities and exceed industry standards. Therefore, many silicone manufacturers will " Some products with large area and prominent color are classified as high quality and cannot meet the quality required by customers. Is it really difficult to control the appearance quality of the product?

At present, in the manufacturing area in Dongguan, South China, as far as the silicone industry is concerned, Dongguan silicone rubber products manufacturers occupy the majority, and an industrial chain has been formed, and the quality control of products. Each factory has its own set of methods and experience, which are more conventional and traditional. The method is more effective.

In fact, in principle, if you strictly control the appearance and quality of the product from the aspects of human, machine, material, ring, and law, you can basically solve the problem of the product, but only with the current environment of most Dongguan silicone products manufacturers. With regard to the machine and processing methods, there are still certain defects that cannot completely control the quality of the product, such as the following:

1. The environmental sanitation problems in the production workshop are the main ones. If the environment in the production workshop is chaotic, the problems of unmanaged workshops, and the environmental hygiene of the machine personnel, then the products produced will naturally not have good quality.

2. The adjustment of the machine will also have good results when the product that is not produced is adjusted by the machine, so for the machine parameters, it is necessary to coordinate and adjust according to the quality of your product to achieve the best results.

3. Source control is the key. If there are too many black dot impurities in the raw materials purchased, it is impossible to guarantee that good products will appear in the subsequent production and processing. Secondly, the paper is strictly controlled during the mixing process, and the machine is hygienic.

4. Machines and products are dead, and people are alive, so human operations and methods are important. How to place rubber materials and how to take molds in the process, the entire process needs to be thoroughly studied.

5. There are many methods for bad appearance and other bad methods. Perhaps the bad phenomenon cannot be found in various reasons, so it needs to be explored from the method.

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