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Our company is a large-scale professional gift purchase custom distribution company, which is designed to solve gift gift purchase programs for enterprises, institutions, social organizations, government agencies and other units. At present, there are more than 200 gift supply manufacturers working with us. With the rapid and effective development of the supply chain in the gift industry, many gift manufacturing companies' products have greatly improved our sales performance. At present, more and more gifts Production units and supply units have submitted sales cooperation requests to us, and we express our sincere thanks! In order to ensure the quality of purchasing gifts and better serve customers, we will choose the production scale, strength, reputation and product style, quality, and price. Cooperation with qualified production suppliers.

1. Must be a formal legal enterprise registered with industry and commerce, and can issue goods invoices.

2. Must be a direct production factory or brand general agency.

3. The product is fashionable and meets the needs of the gift market. It can process the logo (LOGO) and must have strong development and design capabilities. You can work with us to design customized gifts for customers or jointly develop new gifts for market needs.

4. The quality of the materials used and the finished products must be guaranteed. It is strictly forbidden to use materials that are toxic to the human body or recycled materials for processing and production. The quality of the mass-produced products must not be lower than the quality of the samples.

5. Provide a uniform product ex-factory price (must be lower than the price of the end customer, there is a certain price space). Priority will be given to factories with advantageous prices; factories with priority processing in the case of time urgency will be given priority.

6. Provide a set of good quality samples (with packaging) or product details and high-resolution photos.

7. Must promise to provide after-sales service and return policy for substandard products.

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