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Beautiful pet ferrule, and ornaments.

Detailed profile

SHENZHEN full Silicone Co., Ltd.: is a professional manufacturer of silicone products manufacturer, welcome to visit to visit. The factory located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Longgang love;

Is a production-oriented enterprises (specialized in producing all kinds of silicone products) factory has over 2000 square meters of standard factory, more than 80 employees is approved by the relevant state departments Note

The register of enterprises. Production: Silicone energy bracelet, silicone with trademark outsole marked side marked, footwear, decorative plastic chapter, PVC advertising gifts, promotional gifts, gifts, time

Still, jewelry, cell phone accessories, ... trademark (Chapter plastic), silicone wristbands, silicone keypad, silicone trademark soft trademark, zipper head, environmentally friendly plastic chapter, tag, plastic chapter, silicon

Polystyrene. Advertising gifts (gifts), promotional gifts: Division I adhere to the "integrity first, quality first, efficiency first" spirit of enterprise, the implementation of customer satisfaction, with

Yan Lok "approach to business, the most affordable price, an advantage (in the competition are welcome to inquire).

1 Product Features: made of silicone, colorful, vivid image, a clear pattern, texture, fine and soft, three-dimensional structured, the kinds of products according to customer

Different requirements printed LOGO, text, phone, website, etc., can be used as promotional gifts, and fully reflects the company's brand image of the logo. Quality and safety, has been the country

Home a number of safety standards.

2, the product uses: pet special decoration.

The service advantage: a version of the three days, Crane fast, affordable, honest service. Feel free to call us for details and ordering, We sincerely look forward to your friendship and cooperation. Product special

Point: the beautiful and stylish high-end fashionable and unbreakable will never fade green (environmentally friendly materials) mild character will not have a negative effect on any object can be based entirely on

Wide style production of an unlimited number of customer requirements applicable to occasions

Occasions: <advertising and promotion meeting celebrations> <> <office welfare business public relations> <> <clients> <opening ceremony> <festive celebrations> <wedding birthday> <housewarming graduation religious articles> <> <

Fairs> <business gifts> <public relations planning> <awards pictures> <employee benefits> <Chinese New Year Christmas> <Halloween> <Valentine's Day

4, customers can customize the color, model, size, specifications, size, size.

Made of material: 100% pure silicone, soft texture, tear, feel good;

Size: available upon request;

Color: available upon request;

Certification: the FDA, EEC, LFGB international certification;

Effects: can be used as a food box, lunch box;

Can withstand temperature: -40 degrees to 230 degrees, with a strong resistance to high and low temperature;

Features: non-toxic, durable, easy to clean; use of a wide range of easy to store, easy to clean, not sticky.

Long life, and safety and environmental protection; can be placed in the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, oven

Safe use, welcome OEM, ODM orders; In addition, I have a professional designer, to welcome you

To plan or sample design.


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